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The Mark 2

Building Up the Mark 2 Bubba Truck

LibertyCon 2019

The First big appearance of the MK2 was at LibertyCon. Didn’t have a lot of the systems, but THE GUN WAS UP!

Got some great photos!

LibertyCon 2018

LibertyCon 2018

This was the first LibertyCon after The Bubba Truck’s big debut in Assassin by Kacey Ezell, and so was the introduction of THE GUN

LibertyCon 2017

This was the real introduction of The Bubba Truck at LibertyCon and the year that it was really noticed.



Oh Bubba Truck, Oh Bubba Truck, How Lovely is thy Bumper!

Bubba’s whole family loves Christmas and Bubba Claus likes to dress up the truck for it.

Weather Spotting

Building the Mark 1

Women With The Gun!

So far, all of these are from LibertyCon 2019, where I got the idea to start taking these pictures. They were a hit and I’m sure that there will be more.