Well, I will attempt to put some general information here. Feel free to use the contact page to send questions. I might add them to this page…

How do you expect to make any money doing this??

I’m not going to. Any vehicle is, in the long run, a cost center and not a profit center, that is just the way of the world. If I am lucky, I’ll get fuel reimbursement for some of the public service activities that I do in the truck.
And besides, the federal code prohibits using HAM radio for personally profit making activities….

Am I allowed to take pictures with The Bubba Truck?

You bet your bippy you are! About the only thing resembling pay I get out of this work is the ego boost have having it appreciated. So, just like the guys who make the art cars, if you like it, say so and feel free to snap some photos!

Do you have a calendar of appearances?

Actually no, but I may come up with one at some point. There are some events That I do on a regular basis, like the Boo-HaHa parade in In Tulsa nearly every year that I do with Akdar Shriners, or the Dam Jam century bike ride that I work as a SAG truck. And, of course, LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN. Things like that. Again feel free to ask. I might even answer you..

Do you give rides?

Almost never. First is liability issues and then, hey, I don’t really know you. And some of the events I work have specific rules about not having passengers.