The Mark 1 dressed up for Halloween as a Zombie Hunter
The Mark 2 just starting the long trip to become the Bubba Truck

Say What?

This is a project that grew from me being a massive gear geek who loves overland style trucks and disaster management.

Our Story

I was always a truck nut, but I had not owned a truck between 1989 and 2005, so I had a lot of pent up “TRUCK STUFF” mojo and off roading desire that just kind of got out of hand when I bought the Bubba Truck M1, a brand new 2005 F-150 that did not deserve all of the evil things that I did to it. Especially at Halloween!

In December of 2018, the engine blew in the Mark 1 and the repair cost would be more than the base value of the vehicle. So after much sorrow, I acquired the Mark 2 and began the laborious process of moving all of the delightful gear from the old to the new.

Meet the Crew

I am fortunate in my friends, first that I have some many who put up with my odd idiosyncrecies, and more so in how many I have who take the same pleasure I do in making The Bubba Truck more and more amazing all the time.

Bubba, with the Mark 1 at LibertyCon 2017

The Bubba Man

Founder & Chief Lunatic, and the Skipper of this Vessel.

What Can I Say? I am just a massive geek!

The Chief Engineer, Checking the Main gun

Keith (mumble, mumble, don’t use my real name)

Chief Engineer

Not really a real engineer, but he is a wiz at designing and building cool stuff. Also not his real picture.

Real Time satellite downloaded weather information including a hurricane in the Gulf
The main Display in the Mark 1

My Sponsor

My day job is for the parent company of the large and popular Marine Electronics Manufacturers.

I am fortunate to work in the R&D Engineering department and I use the truck to field validate equipment and software.

Next Steps…

This is should be a prospective customer’s number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.

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